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Delicate Baby Shower Hat

Keeps water and foam out of your baby's eyes and ears with our Delicate Baby Shower Hat. Make washing your baby's hair easier and more enjoyable.


Comfortable to wear - Our shower cap is made of premium quality EVA foam material that is soft, flexible and lightweight... it's comfortable for your baby to wear during shampoo time.

As early as 6 months to 6 years old - The cap has a flexible design with 4 adjustable fasteners....so you can easily adjust the cap to fit your baby's head.

Make Shower time more enjoyable - Your baby will be excited to wear the cap because he/she will be able to watch the water cascade off the rim of the cap and play with his/her bath toys while showering.

Prevent eye disease and ear infection - Water entering the ear can cause ear infection. Foam flowing into the eye will increase the risk of eye diseases. Wearing our shower cap your baby's eyes and ears will be protected completely because it keeps the soap and water out of his eyes and ears.


Remember due to high demand some products take 1-4 weeks to arrive from dispatch so please be patient, they will arrive!