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Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Description

The Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner is the newest evolution in washing technology that utilizes ultrasonic technology to provide a deeper clean. Using just 10% of the energy and 2% of the water required by a standard laundry machine, theMulti-Purpose Ultrasonicis a an effective, efficient, and eco-friendly way to keep things clean.

The Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic easily removes stains from laundry and easier than ever to clean hand-wash-only clothing and delicates. You can even use it to clean baby items, eyeglasses, silverware, jewelry, watches, toys, and just about anything else in your home. Beyond deep-cleaning your household essentials, use theMulti-Purpose Ultrasonicto remove pesticides and bacteria from your fruits and vegetables, sanitize razors, and clean other personal hygiene tools.


The Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic compact size makes it easy to store and take with you while traveling, allowing you to transform any sink, bucket, or container to a washing machine. For bigger tasks, you can even combine multiple units together to tackle the job in no time.


Product Details



— Scientifically Proven, Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaning
— Lightweight & Compact (About The Size Of An iPhone)
— Travel Friendly
— Quiet & Effective
— Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Construction
— Wash Cycle: Between 5-15 Minutes
— Power Output: 50W
— Voltage Range: 100-110V
— Cord Length: 50"
— NOTE: Not Suitable For Washing Humans Or Other Living Things
— Weight: 0.25 lbs




Can it be used to remove burnt grease on stainless steel?

Yes, this can be used to remove burnt grease.


Will it remove mildew spot stains?

Yes, it can remove mildew spot stains.


Will it clean tarnished silver?

Yes, it can clean tarnished silver. 


Will it remove stains on shirt collars and armpits that the dry cleaner can’t?

Yes, it can, as Sonic Soak cleans at the microscopic level!


Can this be used to clean firearms?

Yes, it can! It's quite a common use for ultrasonic cleaners! 


Can this be used in Europe?

Yes you can, though you will need a step down voltage.


Is it cordless?

No, it is not cordless.


Does it wear out?

We have 1-year warranty, and no, it doesn't wear out!


Can it clean limescale from a shower head?

Yes, it can clean limescale.


Does it sanitize?

It can help to sanitize.


How many to clean a bathtub worth of items? 

It depends how big your tub is - but probably 4 or so!


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