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Infant Nasal Aspirator

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  • Child safety
Two soft silicone pads are suitable for babies and children over 2 years old. It does not contain toxic substances and is therefore completely safe for children.

  • It works in a silent and subtle way
So quiet, even when the baby is sleeping, the nose can be cleaned.

  • Quick use
It cleans the clogged nose very effectively and it takes only a few seconds to clean. Also suitable for children with chronic upper respiratory tract infections.

  • Adjustable suction level
You can easily check the level of suction based on how close your nose is.
You don't need to use a traditional nasal appliance because it sucks with your mouth. This nasal device only needs to open the switch to suck the child's nose out, which is simple and healthy.
Installation steps:
  1. Wash the parts first;
  2. Install the storage slot cover;
  3. Install the protective cover and turn it clockwise;
  4. Finally, install the tip.

Charging with USB is quick and easy. The safety factor is high, and it is used after charging the battery.💖💖

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